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Ever Living Memories offers a new kind of answer for the question we all wrestle with… “How do I want to be remembered?”

Through our powerful documentary-style videos, we create “digital time capsules,” offering families the ability to enjoy, share and preserve their most cherished memories and moments for… ever.

"This is our lives"


Frank & Gloria Schussler are a picture of Americana. The son of a mailman in a small town in PA, Frank became a mailman himself, walking the same beat in the same town for decades. Gloria was a nurse in the same town for even longer, professionally caring for her neighbors for more than 50 years.

This Ever Living Memories explores their lives together and the love that bonds them and showcases years of family memories through piles of pictures and hours of family movies. 

Capturing Jeanette


Watch Jeanette tell her beautifully honest testimony of who she believed herself to be, toward the end of her life but with full agency. Her personality shines through each section, as she walks us through the different folds of her story. “Chapters” allow viewers to quickly return to favorite topics and tales. The full video seamlessly strings the chapters together for a journey that will bring tears, smiles and questions to anyone watching.

Our Story

My grandmother, Jeanette Taylor, was my family’s loadstar — the rock upon which our church was built. About 10 years before she passed – about 5 years before she started experiencing dementia that would steal her from us long before her body gave in –                I encouraged her to tell her story on camera.

Now, our family can watch her and learn from her for the rest of time. Now, my kids get to see who this incredible woman was and hear her stories, in her own words. The same will go for their kids and so on. I simply can’t understate its value to our family.

That’s why I started Ever Living Memories, to share this gift with other families — the gift of a life remembered.

What They’re Saying

“In one word, WOW!!! 

A really outstanding collection of videos.” 

Willa Casstevens

Storm Lake, IA

“Your videos look great.  I love the music choices. Video clips match nicely in color and contrast.  Nice flow. A very nice production.”

Bruce Whitman

Raleigh, NC

“I love this!! You did a great job capturing Mom’s story. Thank you so much. Every family should do this while they have time.”

Chris Mitchell

Niantic, CT

Additional Services

Director's Cuts

Turn old movies into new, lasting memories by narrating along with the video, offering both context and heart.


Photo Album Narration

Transform your favorite family photos into a compelling family movie, with narration, music & more.

Gatherings & Reunions

Take advantage of large get-togethers to record & capture group stories and legacies to have for generations to come.

Zoom interviews

Keep it simple and safe, capturing lifelong memories with our remote Zoom interviews.

What Sets Us Apart


Flexible Options

One person. A couple. The whole family. Perhaps you want to include music, closed captioning, additional pictures, and video? We make it happen.

Experienced Team

A former reporter, I’ve spent my 20-year career pulling stories out of people. I know how to get to the heart and pull together a coherent, compelling storyline.

Affordable Pricing

Custom videos like this can cost tens of thousands of dollars. We can’t do it for free, of course, but strive to offer Ever Living Memories to everyone.

Our Approach

Just as no two people are the same, no two Ever Living Memories are the same. That said, we do approach every project we work on in the same way.

Initial Discussion

First, we talk to you to get a sense for each other and our goals for this story.

Information Gathering

Collect important pictures, dates, events, and people – all the essential details to include.

Sit-Down Interview

We promise you’ll be comfortable and have fun sitting in front of the camera.

Video Editing

We’ll customize the video, adding all the features, stories, and details to make it special.

Ready to Start Capturing Your Memories?

Join other families who have trusted us with collecting all the important moments from their lives. 

Let’s Work Together

Reach out today. I’d love to hear what
YOUR Ever Living Memories may look like.


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