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Ever Living Memories offers a new kind of Day-in-the-Life video that can help your clients win bigger settlements, faster. 

Our testimonials capture the pain, loss and love at the center of every victim’s story.

Our team of Emmy-winning journalists and videographers weaves together interviews, video clips, photographs, and more to create compelling documentary-style narratives that clearly articulate a plaintiff’s case and  the reasons for a settlement.


Matthew Stapula – beloved father, husband, son, friend – should have come home that next day but he wound up in exactly the wrong place at the wrong time. A commercial pilot on an overnight layover in Puerto Rico, Stapula had gone out for a late-night bite to eat at a local bar. In the early morning hours, he got caught in cross-fire between trigger-happy bouncers and a drug-dealer in an argument over a bill. Stapula was shot multiple times and died in the street.

His family endured months of torturous ambiguity, weathering a maze of legal and language-induced barriers. Ultimately, they won a maximum settlement – in part because the video brought to life the circumstance that ended Matthew Stapula’s.



At just 49 years old, Tadgh McCarthy was at the top of his game. He had a great job, great kids, fun friends and a good life. It all ended on Feb 7, 2018 when, during recovery at the hospital after a bout with pancreatitis, Tadgh reacted negatively to a change in his medication, ripped out his tubes and fell on the floor. Oxygen was cut off from Tadgh’s brain for seven minutes. The video shows a before and after that leaves a visceral and lasting impression of how the hospital’s malpractice led to a significant decay in Tadgh’s life and future prospects. 



In mid-2018, Hurricane Florence tore the roof off the oldest church in Fayetteville, NC – Evans Metropolitan AME Zion. The storm hovered over the church for days, leaving the church standing but completely destroyed inside. For 16 months, the church’s insurance company refused to pay the $2.3 million dollar price tag and the church remained shuttered. They called Robby to see if he could force the issue; Robby pulled us in to show opposing council what happened and why their client should pay up.

What They're Saying

“The work you did to create a coherent and powerful narrative that was able to capture the misery, tragedy, and trauma for our our family at the hands of that institution is nothing short of amazing!”

– Tony D. –  

“You did a fantastic job. Thank you, from the most sincere part of my heart. I now consider you a part of this family.

Jason B. –

“You did an AWESOME job on the video. It was so well put together. Thank you so much for using your time and talent on this project. We had no clue or idea that it would be so powerful. You truly did a remarkable job!

Sylvia P. –

It was a wonderful tribute to my husband and I think it helped settle the matter quicker than I anticipated.”

– Michelle S. – 

What Sets Us Apart


Professional Options

What’s best for your clients is what we deliver. From fast turnarounds to long-form documentaries, our video testimonials deliver every time.

Experienced Team

Our Emmy-winning team of former reporters understands how to conduct compelling interviews that elicit emotional, sincere, impactful responses. 

Flexible Pricing

We offer hourly and fixed pricing models. We believe in our clients and we’re proud to offer pricing that reflects both their pain and our commitment to their success.

Our Approach

Just as no two stories are the same, no two of our Day-in-the-Life videos are the same. That said, we do approach every project we work on in the same way:

Initial Discussion

Every Day-in-the-Life starts with a conversation with a victim’s attorney. We talk through the case, the people, the story and the strategy. This informs the project’s structure and timeline. 

Information Gathering

We bring our professional news curiosity and workflow to every story, doing our own fact-finding, pre-interviews and information gathering so we know the story we’re telling before we pick up a camera.

Sit-Down Interviews

Our videos stand out, largely because of the authenticity of our interviews. The style and the substance of our questions capture the substance, emotion and essence of those being interviewed.

Telling the Story

We pull together the interviews and other key bits of content and edit the story together with Emmy-winning flare. We add music – & more – then work with the attorney to make sure it’s just right.

Let’s Work Together

Reach out today to discuss what a 
Day-in-the-Life could do for your clients.


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