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Frank & Gloria Schussler

This is our life.

Frank & Gloria Schussler are a picture of Americana. The son of a mailman in a small town in PA, Frank became a mailman himself, walking the same beat in the same town for decades. Gloria was a nurse in the same town for even longer, professionally caring for her neighbors for more than 50 years. Modest in means, they offered their three children a rich childhood and remain active in each of their lives. This Ever Living Memories captures who they are individually, explores their lives together, and the love that bonds them, and showcases years of family memories through piles of pictures and hours of family movies. The video will keep the family connected in previously impossible ways, allowing their grandchildren’s grandchildren to know where they came from and keep the Schussler story alive – and accurate!

Working Together


Incorporating Photos

Frank & Gloria have hundreds of pictures of their life together. Hundreds. In this Ever Living Memory, they tell their story, in part, through those pictures. We rigged up 4 cameras to capture every laugh, tear and surprise along the way and let Frank & Gloria relive their past. 

Reliving Family Movies

Early on, Frank & Gloria got their hands on a video camera and they used it. Silent film captures each of their kids’ childhoods and many other family members and friends along the way. We set up two cameras, one watching the movies, the other watching the Schusslers watching the movies, and let them offer running commentary on videos they hadn’t seen in years. An evening of fun ensued, let alone a special part of their Ever Living Memory that brings generations of family to life again.

Individual Interviews

Frank & Gloria are a dynamic duo but they have their own stories to tell. This Ever Living Memory features breakout interviews with each, exploring their sides of the family, their individual pasts, and their views on the future.

Multiple Settings 

Gardening is a critical part of Frank’s life. To explore why that is, we interviewed him outside, working in his yard and tending to his garden. These kinds of “on location” shoots help tell a person’s story as a whole; in this case, it helps tie Frank to his past as well as those who someday be learning who Frank Schussler was.

Let’s Work Together

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