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Jeanette Taylor

Love Was Her Through-Line

Like all of us, my grandma was complicated. She outlived four husbands and led a hundred lives along the way. She was an innovator, an artist, an intellectual, and a beauty. She adored travel but preferred being at home. She loved art and the family mythology connecting us to a Native American tribe in the mid-west. Jeanette believed in the afterlife and would tell stories of having run-ins with it during her own life. She was a Christian Scientist who loved to dance with the unknown. She loved her daily baths and took an almost luxurious amount of time getting her eyebrows just right. She would dote on herself as much as the rest of us. Love was her through-line and that came across in everything she did.

Capturing Jeanette in Full

Working Together

I spent two days talking to Jeanette about all of her curiosities and interests, her past and present. The result? A beautifully honest testimony of who she believed herself to be, toward the end of her life but with full agency.

Her personality shines through each section, as she walks us through the different folds of Jeanette Taylor’s story. “Chapters” allow viewers to quickly return to favorite topics and tales. The full video seamlessly strings the chapters together for a journey that will bring tears, smiles, and questions to anyone watching.


Let’s Work Together

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